Accommodation Giant Mountains-Lampertice offers great entertainment, around the house you can find children's entertainment in the form, slides, swings, trampolines, sandpit and swimming pool. For adults, there is an outdoor terrace, outdoor grill, darts.

Bosled track Berta

City of Mladé Buky

In the upper passages you will enjoy the perfect views of the East Giant Mountains. This type of bobsled allows for year-round operation under unfavorable conditions. Another unforgettable experience is an evening ride on an illuminated bobsled track. Children under the age of 8 may only go with a person over the age of 12! Children under 5 years of age are FREE!


Visit an extensive 1938 stronghold where you will see: one of the largest bunkers in the Czech Republic a unique underground fortress exposure to MS. fortification armed light forts restored trenches from 1938 Part of the resort's offer Eliška lookout tower fastfood sale of publications, postcards and tourist stamps.

Rock city Adršpach

The rock town is open all year round and we have open every day. In the winter months, when snow conditions can be reduced, only part of the touring circuit, known as the "Old Part" to the Great Waterfall, is maintained. .

Water park Tropikana 

City Karpacz 

Prices: Guests are paid the entrance fee: Adults - 36 zł (220Kč) / 1,5 hours children under 14 years - 18 zł (110Kč) / 1,5 hours children up to 4 years - free entrance for each further commenced half hour - 5 zł per person. Children up to 14 years of age can use the TROPIKANA pool complex only under the supervision of adults. At the entrance each guest of the pool receives one towel

Trail with tree crowns

City Jánské Lázně

The Crown Trees Trail is located in the heart of the majestic forests of the Krkonose National Park. We will show you what the nature of the Giant Mountains is unique. Together with us, you can see the beautiful forests here literally from roots to their crowns. You become a part of forest life and you will find a number of animals and plants that you will not find anywhere else. The route, which is more than 1,500 meters long, takes you through a species-rich forest, waiting for you with many surprises and lessons.


Bald's Waterscape

Mladé Buky 

Balda's world with a total area of ​​40,000 m2 is located about 100m from the parking lot (across the river), tickets can be bought at the bobsleigh box office or at the box office at the entrance to the Bald World. Here you will find a number of swings, a climbing jump, a 6-track trampoline field, an 18-meter long Megi inflatable caterpillar, a 4-seat bungee trampoline, a water course, air trampolines, a network ship, a duo lift, mini zoo with small Dutch goats, do not be angry ". Last but not least, two paths go through the Bald world: Devil's Trail - a 500-meter-long Devil's Trail with ten habitats, where children learn what the local devils can do. Discover nature with Balda - a 370-meter-long trail Recognizing nature with Balda, where children learn about natural patterns The area is the starting point and destination of the educational trail around the Pekel Mountain. The 10.4 km long educational trail with information boards introduces visitors to the history of skiing in Mladé Buky, the history of Mladé Buky and the beauties of the Hradecek Nature Park

Horské město Karpacz - 40 km

Park Wodny Tropikana- 40 km
Krkonošský národní park - 4 km
Skipark Prkenný Důl - 5 km
Žacléř - 2 km
Hornický skazen - 2km
Vyhlídka Eliška ( výhled na Sněžku) 3 km
Trutnov aqupark 12 km
Bobová dráha (letní i zimní sezóna) - 16 km
Procházka v korunách stromu - Jánské Lázně - 20 km
Lesní lanový park Jánské Lázně - 20 km
Adršpašsko Teplické skály - 29 km
Cyklostezka po Žačléřském hřebenu - 500 m
Rudawski Park Landscape, 58-400 Kamienna Góra, Polsko - 27 km
ZOO Dvůr Králové nad Labem
​Jezerko Bukówka 10 Km
Rýchorský prales​
​a další.